International Women’s Connection desires to create a welcoming, supportive atmosphere to provide physical, emotional, and spiritual support to international women in Blacksburg and surrounding communities. We seek to foster cross-cultural understanding and communication and to mentor and equip women in family, marriage, and parenting issues. We welcome women of all countries and faiths. 


Meeting Information:

The International Women's Connection will not have programs this summer, but we will still be getting tougher for some social time. We call our gathering "out and About Thursdays." What is "Out and About Thursdays?" Each week, weather permitting, we will meet somewhere in the New River Valley to socialize and explore. These places will be family friendly, so please bring your children, The idiom "out and about" means going to different places.


Please join us for the

International Women's Connection

"Out and About Thursdays" 

Thursdays 9:45-11:00 am at various locations in the 

Blacksburg area

Invite a friend to come with you!! Children are welcome!

Note: If it is raining of the weather looks threatening

we will cancel.

For more information contact, please contact: Michele at