How do I find housing?

If you are a Virginia Tech Student, housing options include on-campus housing (dormitories) and off-campus housing (apartments, rented rooms, houses). On-campus housing is arranged through Virginia Tech.

For off-campus housing, contact the Off-Campus Housing Center

  • The Off-Campus Housing Center is very helpful and is located in the Johnston Student Center, 3rd Floor. You can search for rentals and post messages (looking for roommates, subleases). 

  • Be sure to check bulletin boards and search for apartments online. The Apartment Guide is a good resource.

  • Things to consider when renting an apartment or room

    • Read the lease (rental agreement) carefully before signing. It is a legal, binding contract. A deposit is required in most cases, and rent must be paid by the due date every month.

    • If you have questions or concerns about your lease, contact the Student Legal Services Office, Squires Student Center (540-231-4720).

    • What utilities are included in the rent?

    • What is the location relative to campus and bus routes?

    • How long are you required to pay rent? (Typically, leases last one year.) How many days notice must you give before moving out?

    • What rules and regulations must you follow?

    • Carefully inspect the apartment or room before beginning the lease, because you will be held responsible for damage

  • Things to consider when you have a roommate​
    • How will you divide the rent, utilities, household chores, food purchases, cooking, etc.? (Conflicts concerning payments for telephone service are common.)

    • What rules of courtesy will you observe?

  • Furniture & Household Goods
    • The Off-Campus Housing Center offers helpful information.Furniture & Other Household Goods 
      If you need furniture, used furniture and other used household goods can be obtained from various sources. such as Thrift Shops : YMCA Thrift Shop (1000 North Main St.), Humane Society Second Time Around Store (107 Ellett Road), Goodwill (Market Place, Christiansburg).

    • Yard Sales in residential neighborhoods and at churches. Check "Yard Sales" in the newspaper classified ads.

    • Search online for "furniture" and "used furniture" in Blacksburg. See "Shopping" below for more information.

    • Target and Walmart are stores with reasonably priced furniture and household goods.