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For one list of restaurants, see Dining on the Step Into Blacksburg website. There are also many restaurants in Christiansburg. Search restaurants online.

Generally, a tip (gratuity) is expected at any restaurant where a waiter or waitress serves you. The acceptable standard is 15% to 20% of the total bill. Since restaurants serve food in different ways, it can be confusing to know how much to tip. Search online for suggestions. For large groups, a restaurant may automatically add the gratuity to your bill.



Grocery stores sell a wide variety of foods and other products. The major grocery stores include Kroger, Food Lion, and Walmart. Most of the grocery stores are on the bus route.

International Food

  • Oasis World Market, 1411 South Main St., Blacksburg

  • Global Food Market, 1307 South Main St., Blacksburg

Department Stores 

Department stores offer a wide variety of products, including clothing, household items, small appliances, and many other products. Many of these stores are located in Christiansburg.

Used Items

  • Thrift shops sell used clothing, furniture, and household items at much lower prices. Thrift shops include YMCA Thrift Shop (1000 North Main Street), Goodwill (1411 N Main St, Blacksburg & Market Place, Christiansburg), and Humane Society Second Time Around Store (Ellett Road).

  • American families often sell unneeded items at "Yard Sales ." Yard sales are more common during the Spring and Summer, when the weather is warmer.


Is it Acceptable to Bargain? 
Most prices in the U.S. are fixed and cannot be changed through bargaining. Generally, bargaining only takes places when buying a car or house, or used items from an individual, like at a yard sale. 

Sales Tax
Sales tax is an extra charge added to the price of an item. In Virginia, sales tax is generally 5.3% (or 1% for grocery food & some personal hygiene Items). Taxes may be more
for some items, like food at a restaurant.

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