Telephone and Utilities

Bear in mind that if you live off campus,  you will need to arrange and pay for the utilities not included in the rent.   

Cell Phone/Mobile Phone  

Land Line Telephone (Optional)

Local land line phone service is provided by Verizon and several other companies. For Verizon residential service, see

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a less expensive alternative. Ooma is bascially free (

Electricity in Blacksburg is provided by either AEP/Appalachian Power (1-800-956-4237) or Virginia Tech Electric Service (540-231-6437). Check with your landlord to determine which company services your residence. You will probably have to pay a deposit to establish service.   

Televison Service  
A limited number of channels can be received with an outdoor or indoor antenna. The availability of cable or satellite TV is dependent on location. Where available, cable TV is provided by Comcast XFINITY (above) and satellite TV is provided by DIRECTV and DISH.

Internet Service  The Internet Service Provider (ISP) is dependent on location. In some places, you may have a choice, including the following:



For residences using gas (for heating and/or appliances), service is provided by Atmos Energy (1-888-286-6700).

Water, Sewer, and Refuse Service 
Service is provided by the Town of Blacksburg