• Coins: penny (1 cent); nickel (5 cents); dime (10 cents); quarter (25 cents)

  • Bills: $1; $5; $10; $20; $50; $100

  • Most people use $20 bills or less, and some places will not accept bills larger than $20

Exchanging, Keeping, and Using Money

Banks offer different services and interest rates so it is useful first to search online for "Banks" and "Credit Unions" to review options.

  • Checking Accounts allow payment with checks (instead of cash).  A checking account also allows you to keep better track of how much you have and where it goes.

  • Savings Accounts are used for keeping larger amounts of money, and earn more interest than checking accounts.

  • Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) allow you to make transactions without going to the bank by using a special card. There may be charges for this service.

  • Debit Cards allow payment (without cash) from a bank account.

  • Credit Cards (like VISA and MasterCard) are widely accepted and allow payment without cash. Credit cards have very high interest on unpaid balances. Significant credit card debt should be avoided.


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