Air Transportation 
The Roanoke Regional Airport (; 540-362-1999) is located in Roanoke, approximately 64 km (40 miles) from Blacksburg. Transportation between Blacksburg and the airport is provided by the Smart Way Commuter Bus ( for only $4 (exact cash) each way.

Transportation Within Blacksburg

  • Public transportation within the Town of Blacksburg is provided by the Blacksburg Transit System (BT). For routes, schedules, and fares, contact BT (; 961-1185). Fares are prepaid for Virginia Tech students. Just show your "Hokie Passport." Transportation to Christiansburg, including Market Place and New River Valley Mall, is available through the Two Town Trolley, which is part of the BT system.

  • There are also taxis available through private companies. For example, Hooptie Ride: Tel: 540-449-3748(DRIV),

    Transportation Outside Blacksburg

  • Smart Way Bus ( link) provides transportation between Blacksburg and Roanoke (stops at airport)

  • Home Ride of Virginia (, 953-2266) provides weekend and holiday bus service between Blacksburg and various parts of Virginia. Also,there are taxi cabs available through private companies listed in the yellow pages.

  • Greyhound Bus Lines ( ) has a local terminal in Roanoke. For Greyhound fare and scheduleinformation, call 1-800-231-2222. To find a ride or offer rides.

    Buying a Car - Things to Consider

  • Consider all of the costs,including purchase price, maintenance, registration, license, and insurance.

  • Look at "blue books," which list suggested prices for used cars ( Consider mileage and repair history.

  • Look at Consumer Reports, a magazine (in the library) that provides information on the reliability of various used cars.

  • Test drive the car under various driving conditions.

  • Have the car inspected by a professional mechanic (other than the car dealer¡¯s mechanic) prior to purchasing.

Bargaining is normal when purchasing a car.

Car (Automobile) Insurance 
A minimum amount of insurance is required by DMV (see DMV web page). Contact insurance agents (see "Insurance" in the yellow pages) to help determine the coverage you need. Prices will vary, so shop around. "Liability insurance" is required. "Collision insurance" is optional but is recommended if your car is valuable.

Vehicle Registration &Driver's License

  • See for information. Contact the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), 385 Arbor Drive, Christiansburg (381-7171). You will need "proof of identity" and "proof of residency" to apply for a license (see web page for details). You will also need to take a knowledge exam (based on the Driver's Manual), road skills test, and vision screening. Driver's Manuals are available from DMV and the Cranwell Center.

  • See the Cranwell Center website for helpful information.

    Automobile Decal 
    The Town or County in which you live may require purchase of a decal to put on your windshield. In the Town of Blacksburg, go to the Town Municipal Building on S. Main Street.